Essentials of designing for the knowledge of a professional web designer

The web designing is an art of presenting your brand image in a visual manner. The website is created with many graphics, content and many more things. A lot of planning goes before making the website. It is a highly creative field with a lot of scope for goof-ups. There are certain basic concepts a web developer should know and not miss out while developing the website. These key concepts are very well known by the web designer.

The visuals and beyond

The design of a website has many things beyond just a visual. It has to showcase the brand image of the business to the potential customers. The attractive visuals are just to catch the personal attention in the initial phase. Rest of the time the customer is looking for certain value addition in terms of the information they get. Hence, if all the attention is spent only in the visuals without digging deep into the features and contents, the user experience will be unsatisfactory. The users will not want just a fancy website. The designers must answer the why part of web designing as normally they are good at how part of the question. Why the customers should like your website when it is slow to load, there is interactive links, the information is not updated. Hence, the web designer’s team consisting of backend, frontend and project management must think of everything a user will require right from the time he enters till he exits the website while designing the website.

Understand, plan and then execute

The users are on a lookout for information and hence the website must be user-friendly. It is necessary for the web designer to understand all the specifications required by the website owner, understand the customer, analyze their needs and then project the brand of the company into an attractive website. The web designers must fit into the shoes of the customers and think in those lines while designing the website.

Sketch for better results

The website must not be loaded with many graphics and irrelevant content just to make it look fancy. The website designer focuses on details and sees the larger picture while making the websites. Sketching helps while designing and giving a unique format to the website. Use of bright colors, text fonts, etc is essential. Sketching helps to faster develop the flow o f the website for good user experience. The designers can make use of boxes, lines, and arrow while sketching the website.

The user doesn’t appreciate an overload of information. They need a break hence the website must not look too stuffy and have white spaces. These act as breaks to process the information. The grids must gel well with the entire website. It should help create relationship between objects and also rhythm between vertical and horizontal alignments. Hence the choice of grid is important as it is an important design tool.

The flow must provide proper hierarchy of information with all the links and a map to the entire website should be there so that it provides the proper direction to the users. The links must emphasize on one thing on a website and not many things, which will not make it look loud and clear.

Idea generation tools

There must always be many tools and photos and also many graphics and some ideas handy which can be implemented and help in further generation of ideas by mixing and matching some of these graphics. Everything on the web page must offer value to the user.