Make-Up Tips from the Pros

Want to know how to apply your make-up like a professional? Here are some amazing tips from real-life make-up artists so you can be confident that your face is radiant and ready for whatever life throws at you:

  • If you feel like your foundation isn’t standing out enough, apply a layer of cream foundation first and then top it with a powder version of the same foundation. Place the cream on the most protruding part of your cheekbone and work it up to your temple, in an up and out motion and then dab the powder onto the same spot.
  • Want the smoky-eye look but sick of getting powder dust on the rest of your make-up? Shadow shields are the perfect solution. They are half-moon shaped cotton pads with adhesive on one side to stick under your lower lashes. When you’re finished applying your eye shadow, remove the pad and you won’t have any mess.

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  • Love plump looking lips but get annoyed by the stickiness of lip gloss? A top tip from a make-up artist is to use a plumping gloss like a mask. Put some on your lips and leave for ten minutes. Wipe it away and then apply your regular lipstick. This helps to activate the plumping agent but avoids the ‘wet’ look that many don’t want.
  • Who knew that you should layer the tops of your lashes with mascara first? Most of us will have been applying on the bottom of the lashes from root to tip but for a more voluminous look, apply a couple of coats to the top first and then coat the underside as normal. This doubles the amount of volume and colour.
  • If you hate the way your dry lips look even under lipstick then treat your pout to a lip facial every day. This helps to make your lipstick slide on more evenly too. Take a make-up remover pad and gently wipe your lips then with a lip scrub, buff away any dry skin and apply a lip mask for about one minute. This quick routine will help keep your lipstick stay fresh.
  • Did you know that you can customise your blusher? According to make-up artists, it’s great to mix it up to give your face extra glow. Dust with your usual matte over the whole cheek area and then apply a brighter shade of the same colour onto the peak of your cheekbones. If you don’t want to mess up your brushes then consider the Stylpro brush cleaner, available at

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  • Finding a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone is impossible but a general rule of thumb is go darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. You can then blend these two shades together to create your own customised foundation shade.
  • If you’re finding your skin looks and feels a little dull then consider mixing rose-water in with your foundation before applying it. Many make-up artists use this simple trick for dry and sensitive skin.