Easy Tips to Save More or Earn More

Many people are caught in perpetual cycles of financial difficulty, meaning they always feel short on cash even if it seems like they’re spending responsibly. Keep reading to get some ideas about how to boost your bank account balance without doing anything that drastically disrupts the way you like to live.

Get a Phone Plan That Allows You to Rollover Unused Data or Minutes

Even the most financially responsible individuals are unpleasantly surprised to find that they’re wasting money on communication plans that offer plenty of mobile phone minutes and data, but not using anywhere near all of what’s available. Track your usage for a month and see if that’s the case with you. If it is, research switching to a plan that allows you to rollover unused minutes and data into the next month as soon as you’re able to get out of your current contract. That will ensure you’re not spending money on things you don’t need.


Explore Passive Income Opportunities

There are dozens of ways to make money without having to engage in the daily grind, according to Bankrate. One example is if you’re a writer with work that’s published on the Internet and you get paid a modest amount every time a person clicks to read something you wrote. Even if you initially wrote a piece last year, it could still earn passive income for you.

Sell Your Stuff on eBay

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ and that well-known sentiment is certainly popular for anyone who has even casually browsed the offerings on eBay or any other bidding site. Make a plan to get rid of things you no longer want, especially if they are collector’s items. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how much money you could get by deciding you’d rather have money in the bank than a collection of items that are no longer of use.

Work With a Company That Buys Junk Cars

If your yard is home to a vehicle that had former glory but now is in such a state of disrepair it no longer runs, you may still be able to get cash for that car. Websites will buy junk vehicles and give customers cash for them instead. When you consider that the vehicle is no longer road-worthy and it’d cost too much to get it back in good condition, what have you got to lose?

See If Your Favorite Stores Give Discounts to Particular Groups

There are many chain and local stores that offer special prices for people who are members of the military, parents, senior citizens and college students and many others. If you fall into one of those groups or have another commonly shared characteristic, speak up and ask retailers if there are any discounts that exist. You probably won’t get lucky in all cases, but checking to see could help you save money on things you need to buy anyway.