How could double glazing save me money?

It is quite clear how the double glazing can make your home look more appealing and feel more comfortable but it can also add value to your property. What is not clear maybe is how spending money to have double glazing installed can result in saving you money. You might be surprised! Here are some of the ways it can save money and how much:

How much can I save?

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust provide an estimate that the average semi-detached houses could enjoy savings of between £ 85 to £ 115 off energy bills by upgrading their home windows from single glazing to double glazing. Double glazed windows should be of a quality class ‘A’ to this saving to apply. If you are not blown away by these numbers, remember that high quality double glazing would take about 20 years before needing to be replaced. So, multiply the number by 20 and the numbers become a bit more impressive! For Double Glazing Swindon, visit a site like

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How is this possible?

Saving money on your energy bill is due to the double-glazing lowering the amount of heat loss from your home. It works like any other form of isolation in that it has a layer of insulation between the panels, reducing the amount of heat that can escape. Condensation is a common problem for homes with single glazed windows and this occurs from the meeting of cold and warm air followed by the production of moisture droplets. This is not an effective way to maintain the level of heat in your home.

What if you have older double glazing?

Depending on when the double glazing was installed, you may find modern technology has moved on and you probably will not save as much money on heating as you think. Double glazing from a couple of decades ago does not have the same ratings that are currently used, similar to the energy ratings for electrical equipment and appliances. An ‘A’ rated window will provide you with the greatest heat retention and money savings on energy bills. Older double glazing can fail without you knowing it and often experiences trapped air between the panes, so that moisture is trapped causing fogginess. If there is evidence of this then chances are you could do with refurbishment or replacement.

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For long-term money savings and a house that feels cosy and warm whatever winter throws at you, double glazing is a solid investment. Aesthetically, your home will look fabulous and it’s also an ideal way to increase the value of your property.