Signs that it is time to move house

Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of moving but could not decide whether the time is right. Sometimes you just know and other times you can be in two minds. Here are some signs that could be time to get packing and head for pastures new

  1. Your current home is too small

One of the most common signs that it’s time to move on is when your family outgrows the current pad. If you begin in a starter home, it is likely that some children later, your home no longer meets your needs. With the passage of time and a growing family, whatever looks pretty now becomes a source of stress. If you have started to notice boxes stacked in the rooms, or you’re never able to get into the bathroom, the children fight as they share a bedroom and there is no room for the furniture you want – then you have outgrown your current home. If some re-organization has not solved the problem, then it’s time to look for something bigger.

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  1. Too much space!

The other extreme is the ’empty nest’ syndrome. If your children have flown the nest, you may start to not like the space you have left. Many families choose to downsize when they reach this point in their lives. Why is it necessary to clean empty bedrooms? Too much extra space could also be making you feel down if you no longer have so many family members around. A downsize means less cleaning, less maintenance and lower bills. For top Essex Removal companies, visit a site like

  1. Neighbourhood changes

Changes in your environment can spur you to leave the area. What might once have been a beautiful and welcoming place when you first moved in may have gone downhill since then. Changing demographics and an increase in crime due to various reasons. Maybe it is becoming more crowded, noisy or abandoned. It’s not just issues of safety but also investment and the decline in property prices in the area.

  1. Your house costs you too much

Are you forever shelling out on endless maintenance needs? If your house is old, the state of repair may be too much for your family at some point. It could be more practical and sensible to move rather than continuing to pour money into the dilapidated property. At the point where it costs more to maintain than it’s worth, you definitely need to move.

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  1. You’re just not happy

You do not need a specific reason but if you just do not feel happy in your current home then change could be just what you need. Quality of life is everything and if you feel you are suffering, you must take action. If you feel your spirits lifted with thoughts of moving then be honest with yourself and consider whether it’s time to do just that.