Seven Steps to Setting the Right Wedding Date

There are many things to consider when you say ‘I do’. Here are seven things to consider when deciding on your date.

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Season and Special Dates

Think weather and anniversaries. An outdoor party won’t work in winter. Your preferred flowers might not be available in autumn. Pick a season to suit your ideas. Autumn and winter weddings might come with a discount in comparison to spring and summer. Is it your anniversary or have you always fancied New Year’s Eve as a wedding date?

Guest Availability

Double-check availability with the intended bridal party and close friends and family. You want all of your most important people present, but they may well have holidays booked or other engagements that they can’t get out of. If someone can’t make it, you might be back to the drawing board on your date.


What you intend to spend is so important when picking your date. You need to know that you will have the means to pay for everything by your special day. If you are going to be saving up yourselves, then this might mean you need to push the wedding back by a year if you have your heart set on a certain month.

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Similarly, give yourself enough time to fully plan and prepare for the biggest and most exciting day of your life! Don’t force yourself to rush the little details or leave something important out because you don’t have enough time to plan. Wedding guest dresses and outfits can take time to pick too. Inspiration from suppliers such as can help with the process.

Venues and Vendors

You will need to contact your preferred venues, caterers and bands to confirm whether they are available on your date. If you have your heart set on one and they aren’t available, it will be back to square one on the date for you.


The process of buying a dress can be long. You can have an idea of what you want, try it on and decide it’s not for you. Go into dress shops until you find the perfect one. Then it’s ordered, delivered and altered. Add this to finding the perfect accessories and months are added to your planning for the day.


Get everything confirmed and deposits paid and save the date cards posted.