The Problem of Staff Shortages During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made a number of things very difficult and one of these things that has affected nearly everybody is the way that we are used to working. From factories to hospitals to beauticians nearly every industry has been affected by the pandemic in one way of another.

As life now starts to get back to normal, there are still requirements to isolate if you do have the virus (understandably). Unfortunately, the downside of this is the effect that it has on workplaces. Some have decided to keep staff working from home in order to reduce this risk as it is then less likely that they will have lots of staff isolating at one time, but not all workplaces are able to do that.

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Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries as well as care homes have often made the news as they have come under pressure with staff shortages where the staff are having to isolate. There are ways to help with this such as MPRS locum insurance which will cover temporary staff being brought in, but there have also been circumstances and workplaces that have had to shut due to staff shortages – in particular over the summer when the ‘pingdemic’ meant that there were many places that were having to close up as staff were all pinged by test and trace.

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There is hope, that after this winter that things will start to look a whole lot better. With so many people contracting the virus and recovering, this helps to boost immunity in the population, as well as the vaccinations too of course.