Important things to consider when choosing fleet vehicles

A business fleet can be a huge benefit but the prospect can be a little daunting. Here are some of the top considerations when starting a fleet of vehicles for your business:

What type of vehicles do you need?

This will largely depend on the type of business you operate. Will the vehicles serve a specific purpose? Deliveries or carrying supplies will require a van whereas for transporting clients or running a taxi service, a saloon would be better.

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Lease or buy?

A lot of fleet managers opt for hire contracts. There are several different types of contract so be sure you know what each entails. The cheapest might not always offer everything you need. Buying fleet vehicles is an expensive option but does provide complete control over the vehicles. Things to consider include depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs. Find out about the advantages of a BP Fuel Card at a site like

Fleet tracking software

Vehicle tracking software is ideal for close reporting of vehicle activity. The cost will depend on the type of tracker required, the size and number of vehicles in the fleet and the brand of software you choose.

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Vehicles all have different insurance ratings so it’s important to look into these before deciding on the right vehicle for your fleet. Consider the benefits of fleet insurance as it often works out more economical than individual policies for each vehicle.