Why men should learn salsa

Many people still believe that dancing is for women, even though men have been strutting their funky stuff for a good few centuries now! There are many benefits to taking up dance, especially a high octane style like salsa. Here are some top reasons why men should learn salsa:

  1. Meet women

Obviously you don’t want to be a creep but if you’re looking for ways to increase your social circle and maybe meet that someone special, there are almost always more women than men at dance classes and they are often looking for a dance partner. Focus on making friends first and enjoying the opportunities that dance can bring. Find out more about Salsa Classes London by visiting rv dance

  1. Be more attractive

Men who can move on the dancefloor are more attractive. Salsa dancers are often considered as sexy as singers or musicians so imagine what some top moves could do for you!

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  1. Develop gentlemanly skills

Being a good dancer gives you more confidence and helps you to develop suave skills that can benefit you in many areas of life, such as leadership skills. You’ll learn to lead as a dancer and this can boost your self-belief and personal confidence.

  1. Get in shape

Dancing is great exercise as well as being fun so you might find you tone up and lose weight without even trying. If you already go to the gym, you’ll find dance gives you even more stamina.

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  1. Relieve stress

Dancing increases the release of endorphins in your system which naturally counter cortisol, the stress chemical. If you want to feel better, get dancing!