27 sales strategies to sell more

Selling more is the slogan of every entrepreneur, businessman or salesman, especially when sales of its new business or product does not have when off, or sales decrease from time to time, have been stalled for quite some time or simply are not as he expected.

To sell more sales there are several strategies that can be applied, ranging from those that require a good investment such as advertising on television, even those that require minimal such as improving customer service; and the choice depends not only on the investment required but also other factors such as the type of business, the target audience, competition, and circumstances.

sales strategies to sell more

The following is a list of 27 major sales strategies that exist and that will help you choose the strategy or strategies mentioned to sell more:

1. Improve the product

Improve the product, for example, by securing supplies of higher quality or more attractive design, making it more durable or more efficient, or by adding new features, attributes, functions or utilities, allows us to make it more attractive to consumers, and thus increase the possibilities they buy it.

2. Make changes to the product

Making changes or modifications to the product, for example, in the design, presentation, packaging, labeling, colors or the logo, however, small they may be, allows us to give a new look, and even create the feeling be launching a new product to market.

3. Launch new products to market

Launch new products to market, whether they are treated in complementary products that already sell (e.g. purse if we sell garments), or belonging to another sector (e.g. appliances if we sell furniture), allows us to give our more alternatives to choose public, but also capture new types of audiences.

4. Increase product variety

Increase the variety of product we sell, for example, models, sizes or colors, allows us to give our audience more alternatives to choose from, and thus increase the chances to find the product they want, or they like.

5. Improve customer service

With increasingly demanding consumers improve customer care, for example, being more kind and attentive to him, providing him a more pleasant environment, offering more amenities, or giving it a more personalized treatment is an effective strategy to increase sales generally, it does not involve increased costs.

6. Address faster

Respond more quickly to the customer, either at the time to answer your queries, take orders, deliver your product or provide your service, it allows us to serve more customers in less time, but also give the customer a better service, and so have more likely to visit us again.

7. Provide additional services

Provide additional services to the product, such as product delivery, product installation, or service or maintenance, which preferably are free, allows us to give this a higher value to consumers, and thus increase the possibilities they buy.

8. Provide a differentiation

Due to the great competition that exists today in all sectors, provide differentiation, for example, a feature in our product that is hardly imitable by competition or excellent customer service do not give anywhere else, it is one of the most effective strategies to increase sales.

9. Reduce the target market

Reduce the target market (for example, if your target market is made up of students, reduce could involve direct us only to students of business management), it allows us to specialize in a more specific type of consumer, and thus better meet your needs, tastes and preferences, and design a product that best meets.

10. Reduce prices

Reducing prices is a commonly used to increase sales strategy, but has the disadvantage that its application, in addition, to mean a reduction in the profit margin per product, could also mean a reduction in the quality of it (in our attempt reduce costs), so it is advisable to use it only when the quality of our product is not compromised.

11. Raise prices

Rather than cut prices to sell more, sometimes the solution might be to increase them, which in addition to allowing a higher profit margin per product, allows us to give this a sense of quality, status or prestige, and thus attract consumers seeking these characteristics.

12. Increase advertising

Increase advertising, either by using more times the same media advertising (e.g., distributing more leaflets or flyers), or using new advertising channels (e.g. also announced in the press, also advertise on the Internet), is another effective strategy which allows us to make known our product and persuade more consumers who buy or use.

13. Improve advertising

To sell more, sometimes there is no question of doing more advertising, but to do better advertising, for example, changing the advertising message one that best highlight the main features of our product or why consumers should choose before the competitive products, or change the advertising media used by others who are more used by our target audience or more accessible for this.

14. Increase sales outlets

Increase sales outlets, either using more times the same type of point of sale (e.g., opening more shops or stores), or using new types of outlets (for example, in addition to selling our own local selling also through intermediaries or Internet), it allows us to increase the availability and exposure of our products, and thus the possibility of reaching a greater number of consumers and are acquired.

15. Increase the number of sellers

Increasing the number of vendors allows us to have more sellers contacting, cajoling and serving customers, and thus more likely to sell our product.

16. Train and motivate salespeople

Train and motivate salespeople, for example, through commissions or bonuses, allows us to have more sellers techniques, skills and determination to sell, and thus more likely to materialize a sale.

17. Create a website

Due to powerful today has The Internet, create a website for our company or business not only allows us to have another outlet through which to sell our products, but also the possibility to reach a lot of consumers.

18. Participate in social networks

Today the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, actively participate in these is an effective sales strategy, especially if our target audience is made up of a young audience.

19. Participate in fairs

Participate in fairs, both local and international; it is also an effective strategy, especially when our goal is to introduce our product and getting customers with whom we maintain a long-term relationship, or getting customers abroad.

20. Use sales promotions

The use of sales promotions such as offers two products for the price of one, quantity discounts, coupons consumption, gifts, sweepstakes, and contests, is an effective strategy to promote and rapidly increase sales, but it involves a cost you must be assessed well before using.

21. Giving merchandising

Giving merchandising items such as pens, key chains, bottle openers, caps and T – shirts that carry a logo or brand of our company or business, it allows us to entertain consumers, but also promote them our company or business, and forward them to remember at all times.

22. Use programs cumulative points

Using programs accumulative points, for example, through which the customer can accumulate points every time we purchase a product, and then exchange them for other products, is an effective strategy that allows us to make the customer buy from again or visit.

23. Use referral programs

The use of referral programs, for example, where we offer our customers a special discount on our services if we bring a family member or a friend who also wants to acquire, is another effective strategy that allows us to make our own customers recommend us and help get more customers.

24. Use testimonials from satisfied customers

Using testimonials from satisfied customers, for example, on our website, our brochures or our print ads, allows us to attest to the quality of our product or service, and generate consumer confidence and increase the chances that we buy or visit.

25. Improve the display of products

Improve the display of our products, for example, giving them greater visibility, better lighting procuring or placing them at eye level, allows us to make them more flashy or attractive to consumers, thereby increasing the chances that buy them.

26. Change the location of the local

Change the location of the premises or establishment of our business, for example, up moving to a place with bigger audiences, closer to where he lives, works or attends our goal, further from the competition, or allows us audience a greater visibility for consumers who go on foot or by vehicle in the area, it could be the solution for consumers to visit us more.

27. Improve the facade local

Improve the facade local or establishment of our business, for example, putting more decorative elements such as signs, lights or plants, providing him with better lighting, or differentiating it from other facades of competition, it allows us to have a more striking or attractive facade for consumers who pass through the area, and thus more likely to enter our premises.

Tips to sell more

To end this article, in addition to the sales strategies that we have just seen, we present below some related that will also help you sell more tips…

  • Analyzes consumers: Analyzes the needs, tastes, preferences and other characteristics of consumers that make up your target market in order to be able to formulate more effective strategies (e.g. design products that best meet their needs or choose outlets they are more accessible).
  • Listens to customers: In addition to analyzing consumers, listen to the opinions, comments, suggestions and, especially, complaints from your customers (even attempts to collect this information through small surveys or interviews), in order to know what you need to improve, what you need to change or what to do to make you buy.
  • Analyzes the competition: Analyzes competition in order to know what strategies you use to beat them market share (for example, if your costs are high, you could choose to reduce your prices), and what are the strategies that best results were they are giving and you also could apply to your company or business.
  • Be patient: Be patient when a strategy does not produce the expected results and another test until you find the one. Sometimes we think the strategy we will further increase our sales help us not generate better results, and less thought out strategy is the best results we generate.
  • Concentrate both get customers and retain them: Do not concentrate only on getting customers, but also to make these you return to buy or visit, for example, maintaining communication with them in order to create a close relationship and eventually offer them your new products or promotions.