Business in a small town: The idea and advantages of the location!

Today in this article we will discuss the business in a small town, the idea of the development of interest for many budding entrepreneurs. Let’s look at why this is such an important topic. The material in this article is full of examples from daily life which we ourselves have witnessed!

The development and management of the business in a city, of course, has its own characteristics. If you are a resident of one of the small settlements, with quiet streets, small houses, with a fiercely blooming apple trees in the spring, do not rush to complain about its apparent remoteness from civilization rattling. In fact, everything in your hands, the apparent shortcomings of his position can always be turned into advantages and business ideas in a small town lying on the surface.

Woman holding an open sign at a grocery store

The advantages of doing business in a small town:

1. Your reputation can become a strong asset

If you become the owner of the bakery on the corner of a large village, or more – megacities, most of your clients will be random. Standing as contingent, at best, is formed from 4-6 residents of nearby houses. In the small town of the same small bakery could easily create a solid place in the middle of the day. I personally was a witness, while waiting for admission to the administration of a provincial village. After that, for the sake of curiosity, I went to this place – nothing special, normal, one might say, almost canteen: a smiling saleswoman and smell fragrant pastries. In a large city such an institution no one would have noticed, but here are fresh and cheap pies attract people from all sides of the town and provide a good income.

2. Low cost to start a business in a small town

For the development of the business is necessary to place, time and money. The provincial village first two aspects are present in large numbers, and the third should be not so much – cheap rent and labor provide significant savings. Again here is an example of life – the business of one of my friends at the moment is at its peak. He had a private house in the town with a population of about 60 thousand people, and in the yard to repair cars. The board took a small, but their work was doing well, and even gives a guarantee on their services.

To repair as long as the queue of those wishing did not block off traffic in the surrounding streets. Then, to repair quickly, he hired several assistants from among their acquaintances. Queue first decreased slightly, but then rose again. I had to open a service station close to home: the land long-term lease of 50 years for the term of the edge of town cost is not as expensive to build a house of foam blocks and open your full car service was a matter of 3 months. Now in it, except for private customers, repaired machines of all public services, the town, the police, ambulance, all taxi drivers and even bus recruiting office! The state of his business is now about 20 persons, of any economic crises, these guys have not heard. And it all started with no investment at all!

 3. Sprees population is familiar products and services

If a business in a small town is focused on the local consumer, you cannot try to isolate themselves from the crowd of competitors of various innovations and trendy chips. No need to open a vegetarian restaurant with a stylized design for the interiors of the Imperial Palace or nightclub with a dance floor and a rotating crystal glasses a height of 5 feet not be appropriate here and shop with elite Japanese porcelain fixtures.

The simplest products, the most comprehensible services – that will be the key to the rapid development of your business. All tracks must have already trodden, all schemes tested. Small businesses competition in small towns is not provided using the new niches and was originally a small number of competitors.

4. Low wages and low labor costs

If your company will bring a really high income, hired staff does not necessarily pay huge bonuses and salaries of the capital level. No matter how profitable the business was not in a small town – the salary nearest regional center can be restricted to the level of the average salary. For this money in any provincial village can take away the good, experienced workers from among those who are forced to go on earnings is in a big city.

Business in a small town: the idea for a startup!

We will not consider here the options such as printing on mugs and t-shirts or the creation of temporary tattoos. Yes, the cost of opening such a case minimal (you can invest in the amount of about 20-30 thousand dollars for the equipment), and they can recover in one to two months. Having concluded an informal agreement with any organization at the upcoming March 8 or 23 February (there were gifts to your mug with thematic symbols), you can easily discourage their costs, but no more. The ceiling of income in a normal month, subject to work in a small town, will be 10-15 thousand dollars while taking orders develop and print pictures you have to yourself. There is too rarely a need for such things in the province.

Business on the professional skills!

Business Ideas in a small town, it is desirable to build in the area in which you are fledged professional. Versed in electrical engineering – create a workshop and reception center for the repair of household appliances; close to the building – without his client also did not stay. Hairdressers, veterinarians, car mechanics, masseurs and even porters may well try to open a business in a small town. Options abound here, but do not forget about the first paragraph of the previous chapter, your reputation in a limited number of customers may like to rise to the top of the business in the most difficult times, and easily sink it.

Ideas for anyone who owns a profession!

If you do not work profession, and you are far from the production, construction and services, you can try to open a store. The best option in such circumstances is seen store household goods on the leased area of 20-30 square meters. The range can be quite varied: household chemicals, utensils, tools, textiles; summer – coal, skewers and gardening tools; winter – snow shovels, scrapers and artificial Christmas trees. You will be a strong demand for such products, their long shelf life and a broad consumer audience. To open the need to negotiate with the rental of space in any supermarket or large grocery store to buy goods on a wholesale basis to a large city, buy a few showcases, counters and shelves. This approach may make the opening of the business quite profitable.

Food always in demand! Ideas with / x!

Other popular niche business ideas in a small town – agriculture. Take the long-term lease of land near the town, or buy it for a small amount does not take much. And then it all depends on your imagination and possibilities. As the most radical option – there are trees and sell them in bulk for the New Year! Just kidding, of course, but lately, there are very exotic options – I’ve personally met an enthusiastic person who bought a house with the amenities of the countryside, set up at the site of warm cages and grown there … parrots! And for these parrots came to him from very distant corners of our country and neighboring countries.

Of course, extreme examples of variations, but here’s a more serious topic for reflection: to become the owner of 10 ha (.100 000 sq. m) farmland away from regional centers can cost about 100 thousand dollars (recently had the opportunity to participate in such a transaction and this is the real price). Immediately warn of possible difficulties of this sector – pay attention to the markets and get them in advance.

Business in a small town: The ideas associated with the internet!

It can theoretically avoid such a situation in which a person is willing to try, and even wants to open his own business. But his life was such that he is an agronomist by profession thermophilic cultures, and lives in a small town beyond the Arctic Circle in the permafrost. Even such a situation in the modern world allows him to become a businessman of an average hand. Work on the Internet is gaining momentum; it is worth it for the future. And I do not mean the activities related to the presence of certain knowledge: the creation of sites, logos, programming, drawing in AutoCAD and others.

Note the Internet – shops. Many of them are in their range superior to any hypermarkets! The opening of the Internet – shop is not as easy as you might think at first glance. Then there are some pitfalls and difficulties. Low initial trust of customers, the loss of customers due to the inability to assess the quality of the goods and the high level of competition, many are able to cool hot heads, but the barriers to entry in this business. 50 000 are a huge audience of consumers are undeniable advantages.

In general, online – shopping – this is a topic of a separate article in this review is simply not enough for this place. And in general, heading Cases Alexander devoted to online business and its promotion. Here you will find a lot of useful practical information!

Through the Internet you can organize even their production, uniting for this a few people – producers, and found them to markets. Let me explain with a simple example: find the manufacturer of a product and are looking for it consumers of goods. The manufacturer of jewelry can be the master cabinetmaker or even a rural blacksmith. The Internet provides a lot of opportunities to earn money, you can buy and sell ready-made sites combine several creative people in guild deliver unique photos to publishers. Golf activity is extremely broad, and even, perhaps, endless.


Dear friends, I think I was able to prove to you that there can be a profitable business in a small town! Ideas for its successful development are not deep. Low competition, the smaller the initial funds for the promotion, small labor costs make this niche quite attractive. Perhaps most new entrepreneurs are not to achieve windfall profits, but provide for themselves and no one could depend on quite real. If the situation still does not allow you to open a business directly in the village – the output can be online, where open tremendous opportunities, the main thing to have time to notice them. In any case – try, try, achieving recognition, and most importantly – do not sit idly by! Anatomy business wishes everyone a quick and successful implementation of the planned!