Keep those pipes nice and lagged

As the winter months draw near, the need to protect your pipes becomes a big concern as they are a vital inlet to the house. Through your pipes come the water, gas and some electrical wires to provide services and warmth to the home. The only trouble is, pipes are fragile even as deep under the earth as they can be. They need more than just the usual protection when you consider all the problems that can occur.

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Pipe protectors are a great way to look after them for decades or even longer. All that needs to be done is for a hard plastic tube to place around the tubes. This is an armoured solution that will offer a high degree of protection to your pipes.

Their main purpose is to stop tree roots. Tree roots cause more damage that you would expect. As the tree stretches out the roots seek water, They don’t care where they grow and will happily go through your pipes. Some even detect the pipes and try to get to the water.

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Cold and freezing temperatures are also covered by the pipe protector. It’s unlikely that we shall get down to Arctic levels of cold but there is still a chance that some damage might occur. Given the state of the world it’s more likely that flooding and saturated ground will be the problem over the cold.