How to look after your lawn mower

Having the right lawn mower allows you to take care of your grass and gives you luscious green grass throughout the year. Of course one of the most important things you need to do is to ensure that you take care of the mower.

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There are some important parts of the machine that you need to maintain to keep everything running smoothly and making sure you have the right parts, such as Mountfield Spares from companies like, will allow you to repair any issue quickly and easily.

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Regular maintenance should include:

  • Checking all the screws and nuts are tightened on a regular basis and any rusted or worn screws are replaced.
  • Check the bald underneath the mower and ensure that there isn’t a build up of grass and that the blade is clean and rust free.
  • The rollers and moving mechanisms also need to be checked for build ups and to check that they are moving freely.
  • If your mower is powered by electricity you should check that the cable is intact and that there are no splits or wires exposed. If you have a petrol mower you need to check that there is enough fuel in it and you should not fill it up whilst it is sat on your grass as any petrol spilt will kill your grass.