Three Budget Ideas to Breathe New Life into your Bathroom

If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and lacklustre – hardly the place to enjoy a relaxing bath – and you are looking for some easy ways to improve it without having to shell out for a new bathroom suite then here you will find a few ideas to improve your current bathroom on a budget…

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Look at the fittings – towel rail, mirror, and even the lights. This may be something that is making your bathroom look a little dated. By replacing these you could instantly get a much more modern bathroom. Even toilet seats can look a little shabby and you will be surprised what changes to a few fixtures and fittings will make to the room.

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Something that often can let a bathroom down is sealant. If yours has had its fair share of wear and tear, around the bath in particular is where you will instantly notice this. It is easy enough to do yourself with some Bathroom Sealant, and your bath will look as good as new once it is done.

We don’t really think of soft furnishings and bathrooms as something that goes together, but things like towels and bathmats are an important part of the overall look and feel of the room. Use luxurious thick towels to give that bathroom an inviting feel to it, or choose a bathmat in a statement colour to make the room brighter – this is a great way to inject colour without having to paint the walls.