Masks are the new fashion accessory

It seems that face masks are going to become a normal part of life for the world, as common to see as raincoats or hats. The wearing of face masks is nothing new for many Asian countries, such as Japan, who have been using masks since the 1919 flu epidemic hit the country very badly. Even when people have a light cold in Japan, it is normal to don a mask to help prevent the spread and of course, we have all seen commuters wearing masks in cities with high levels of air pollution.

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Of course, for the fashion-conscious, the wearing of a face mask as an accessory might not fill them with joy. However, imagine the possibilities with patterns and designs. Who says the mask must make you look like a surgeon or a dentist?

Many people are already experimenting with bold colours, vibrant patterns and even a variety of materials to make their mask not only a health protector but also a fashion statement. It can be donned with sequins, logos, funny faces, mottos or just about anything you can imagine. As long as it remains fit for purpose, of course. To make sure you have a mask that works exactly as it should, consider Respilon UK at a site like

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Different patterns and colours can be used to match outfits for different occasions, for example. There can be masks for work and masks for weekends, that offer a little more individuality and freedom of expression.