What Happens to Cars Once they are Scrapped?

If you have a much loved car that is now a bit worse for wear you have a decision to make – do you make repairs and hope that nothing goes wrong again or is it time to say goodbye and get a new car that is more reliable and won’t have any hidden (and potentially very expensive) faults to fix?

At some point the time will come for most cars to be scrapped as they just begin to cost too much to keep repairing, and a new car would be more economical in the long run. So what actually happens to your car when you take it to be scrapped at somewhere such as this scrap yard Birmingham?

The first thing that happens is anything hazardous, such as the battery, is removed from the car. Hazardous materials have to be disposed of correctly to comply with rules to ensure that they don’t pose a threat to people or the environment.

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The next thing that happens is the tyres are removed and taken to a specialist who will destroy them. Tyres also have to be correctly disposed of, as they can cause devastating fires that will burn for many days if not handled correctly – this is why tyre disposal facilities have a strict rule about the amount of tyres they can keep on site at a time.

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Once this has been completed the remaining parts of the car can then be crushed – the components are then separated and go on to be recycled.