Preparing for university life

University is the start of an exciting chapter in an individual’s life. For many it will lead onto professional careers in the industries that they are excited about. There are many different courses that can be studied and people attend university for many different reasons and at many different ages.

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There are some things that you can do to help prepare yourself for university life.


Accommodation – in your first year it is likely that you will be in some form of halls on the university campus site. In your second and third years you should look for Student Accommodation Cheltenham way if your university is located there or accommodation in your university town. If the University of Gloucestershire is where you attend then you can find Student accommodation in Cheltenham through your perfect pad.


Organisation – knowing where you need to be and when and where you can get student supplies from is essential to being able to navigate your way around the campus. In some cases your assignments will have to be handed into a central location by a given time during the day so it is important that you also know where this is.

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Meeting people – one of the experiences of attending university is meeting lots of new people. There are some key places where this takes place including the university restaurants and bars as well as at student union events. You will be made aware of events going on throughout the year and you can attend as many or as few as you like.