Common problems that can occur with trees

Trees are key to our very existence as human beings and it is important for the planet as well for our own and others health and safety that we take care of the trees that we have in our grounds and call a Tree Surgeon Gloucester company if we become aware that a tree is becoming dangerous. Geoffrey Urch Tree Surgeon Gloucester way can help you with any issues that you have that may require your trees to be cut down or removed completely.

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Here are some of the problems that can occur with trees.


  • Lack of nutrients – much like any other plants that we have in our gardens trees can suffer if they do not receive enough nutrients from the soil. This can result in poor growth and even damage occurring to the tree branches and leaves. It is possible to fertilise your tree and you can add mulch to the area that will add much needed nutrients directly into the soil around the tree.


  • Pests – trees can become damaged as a result of pests. Dutch Elm disease for example is as a result of bacteria that is carried into the tree from beetles. This can cause lasting damage to the tree and can make it unstable which means that it needs to be carefully managed and in some cases cut down completely.

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  • Environmental damage – this usually occurs as a result of bad weather such as storms and high winds. Tree branches can become damaged as they are battered by strong winds. Again it is important that these are dealt with quickly in order to make the tree safe again.