What to Pack for Your Trip to Ireland

If you have never been to Ireland before, you are in for a treat. Dublin is a breath of fresh air with its Viking history, exciting food, friendly locals and real pubs. The exciting city of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s first city, is the birthplace of the legendary ocean liner Titanic and is one of Europe’s hottest food destinations.

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You can take a flight or board a ferry, and there is a wide choice of departure points and arrival points depending on your location and where you want to go. In the Republic of Ireland, the currency is the euro, whereas in Northern Ireland the currency is the pound sterling.


As a tourist you will not need any fancy clothes for travelling to Ireland. Smart-casual and comfortable should suffice. A waterproof jacket and umbrella would come in handy, together with comfortable shoes and a good camera. Your other basic needs are a driving licence and passport, credit cards and travel guides. Don’t forget any medicines, cosmetics and toiletries you might need. If you travel light, you have always got room for gifts you will pick up on your travels.


Depending on your budget, there are lots of hotels and B&Bs all over the island. If you are staying with friends, you may discover you are staying in summer houses in Northern Ireland, built by companies such as http://www.morrowsectionalbuildings.com/summer_houses. A lot of people have this extra accommodation in their back gardens for friends and family to use.

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Northern Ireland has the Wild Atlantic Way, a journey of soaring cliffs, hidden beaches and bays and buzzing towns and cities. Galway has a bohemian flavour with brightly coloured pubs offering live music. Galway knows how to celebrate, from music and horse-racing to literature and oysters. Ireland’s ancient east coast has a lush green landscape with crumbling Gothic architecture and tombs which pre-date the famous pyramids. You cannot visit Ireland without going to the cosmopolitan capital of Dublin. In the friendliest city in Europe, meet up with the locals in one of the city’s charming pubs. Among the cobbled streets are parks filled with ancient monuments and ornamental lakes.

There are many places of interest you will need to come back to time and again. And once you have been there, you will definitely want to.