Some of the Best Roller Coasters in the World

Roller coasters are the most thrilling rides in every theme park. It is what most people look forward every time they go to the amusement park. All the things that you don’t think that you will say will just come out into your mouth. No wonder why many people like to watch the riders on the said carnival ride.

There are tons of roller coasters in every part of the world. This article will give you some of the best roller coasters in the world. Check this out and see which country has made on the list.

Nemesis in Alton Towers, England

Nemesis is an inverted roller coaster. It is the first roller coaster ride that has become famous outside the US. The riders will feel an exciting feeling as the coaster is lowered that will leave the rider’s legs swinging from the seat. It has lots of twists and turns and underground tunnels. The loops are so high that will make your scream your heart out.

•    Duration- 1:20

•    Length- 716mm

•    Vertical Angle-75”

•    Height- 13m

•    Speed- 50mph

•    Rank as #7 in the Golden Tickets Award

Helix in Liseberg, Sweden

One of the most popular roller coasters in Europe is Helix that is found in Liseberg, Sweden. This ride has been voted as one of the best rides in the world. It is the second largest roller coaster and is the only coaster ride that has two LSM propulsions. It is also the first roller coaster that has a virtual replica to let you experience the thrill and excitement before you actually ride the real one.

•    Duration- 2:10

•    Length- 1,381m

•    Vertical Angle-65”

•    Height- 41m

•    Speed- 62mph

Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce, US

You might think that riding on a wooden coaster is dangerous. But there is a wooden roller coaster ride that catches the attention of many people, and it can only be found in Lake Compounce, US. This roller coaster ride is called Boulder Dash. It is the only wooden roller coaster ride that has received Golden Tickets twice. The ride is found in the middle of the woods to let you see the beauty of the forest.

•    Duration- 2:30

•    Length- 1,440mm

•    Vertical Angle-59”

•    Height- 15m

•    Speed- 60mph

•    Rank as #1 in the Golden Tickets Award

Shambhala in Portaventura, Spain

Shambhala’s full name is Shambhala: Expedicion al Himalaya, which means “holy crap! That was fast.” It is the fastest and tallest coaster ride in Europe. It has the longest drop of 78 meters to provide good pressure. It has received numerous positive reviews from its previous riders, but it still hasn’t been awarded with the prestigious award for roller coasters.

•    Duration- 3 minutes

•    Length- 1,564m

•    Vertical Angle-86”

•    Height- 76m

•    Speed- 83mph

Expedition Geforce in Germany

If you think that this rollercoaster is just one of the common rollercoaster rides, then you might need to think it again. This ride was ranked twice in the awards for rollercoasters. It has an astounding 82” first drop and a 74” right-hand turns.

•    Duration- 1:15

•    Length- 1,220m

•    Vertical Angle-82”

•    Height- 53m

•    Speed- 75mph

•    Rank as #3 in the Golden Tickets Award

The Voyage at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, US

The Voyage is inspired by an Indiana Jones’ movie. This wooden coaster has the most airtime at 24.3 seconds. It has five underground tunnels with three turns and a part of the ride that is called as the “spaghetti bowl.” It was awarded as number 1 wooden roller coaster by the prestigious award for roller coasters.

•    Duration- 2:45

•    Length- 1,964m

•    Vertical Angle-66”

•    Height- 50m

•    Speed- 67.4mph

•    Rank as #1 in the Golden Tickets Award

Intimidator 305 in King Dominion, US

The name Intimidator 305 comes from the number of times you have to change your pants when you ride on the coaster. It is exclusively for brave people. So if you think that you have the guts, then go and ride on this roller coaster. It’s as tall as the Statue of Liberty and has a speed of 90mph. It has inversions that will make you sweat. It was the recipient of the Golden Tickets Award.

•    Duration- 1:20

•    Length- 716mm

•    Vertical Angle-75”

•    Height- 13m

•    Speed- 50mph

•    Rank as #7 in the Golden Tickets Award

These are just some of the best rollercoaster rides from different parts of the world. They truly deserve a spot as one of the best. So if you are planning to go to these places and you have nowhere else to visit, just go to the amusement parks where these rides are found. You will truly feel what the others had felt when they rode these roller coasters.