5 More Things That Millennials Are Looking for When They Buy a House

With 35% of the buyers’ market consisting of Millennials according to the National Association of Realtors 2016, what these young buyers want is important to consider when selling your home.

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The study yielded that there are two categories of millennial buyers: one being those that wish to move in with minimal work, and the other being those that wish to put their stamp on the home and increase its equity and are open to carrying out some works in the property. Amongst both, however, we review more of the key factors a Millennial buyer considers when buying.


Millennial buyers consider location to be important, with public transport being within walking distance and easy access to the city. Families with children may prefer areas that are more residential with parks and safe surroundings.

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Easy Maintenance

Millennial buyers prefer homes that are easy to maintain but also attractive. These feature granite counter-tops or wooden floors instead of carpet. These decorative options do not come cheap, but they can encourage a Millennial buyer when they choose their new home.

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Open-Plan Layout

Young buyers prefer an open-plan layout with ease of movement between rooms. As a seller, bear in mind that restructuring your home can be costly and not necessarily every young buyer’s preference. However, if you have a home like this, it will more likely tempt a Millennial buyer.

Service Charges

Young buyers do not want to be encumbered with service costs that some apartments or private housing areas might have. Finding a home with low service charges is high on the list for Millennial buyers.


All buyers, including Millennial buyers, look for homes that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. These include up-to-date sound, noise, and heat insulation, solar panels, LED lighting and more, saving money and the environment.

Your local Estate Agents can advise you further on how best to attract buyers in your area. Do not hesitate to contact your local Estate Agents to obtain further advice.