Different Types of Wrinkles

As we age, lines and wrinkles of some description are inevitable. Have you ever wondered what the different types of wrinkles are called, where they appear and the best ways to ease their effect? Here are some different facial lines and how they occur:


Over time, after repeated the same facial expression probably thousands of times, the muscle movement under the skin will lead to effects on the skin. The muscles in our faces are different to other muscles in the body in that they are attached directly to the skin, enabling us to make a huge variety of facial expressions. These expressions are responsible for frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. Apart from never showing a facial expression again, the best treatment is Botox. Botox weakens the muscles under the skin and therefore it’s force on the skin.  For Gloucester Botox, visit http://doctorkate.co.uk/


Gravity has the effect of weighting everything down, including the tissue just above a wrinkle. As we age, we lose collagen from our skin, which provides elasticity and combined with the effects of gravity, we begin to see our skin sagging. The lines caused by smiling are prime examples of those caused by a loss of collagen and the effects of gravity.


Too much sun exposure can also cause a loss of elasticity in the skin. Such wrinkles are seen on the upper lip, cheeks and at the bottom of your neck. Over time, these lines will become permanent. They can be helped by following a good skin care regime, always applying sunscreen and not spending excessive amounts of time out in direct sunlight.

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Whenever you frown, the lines that appear on your forehead are known as atrophic wrinkles. They are the result of a loss of structure within the skin tissue, similar to elastotic wrinkles. However, these lines are not so much caused by sun exposure but rather through age caused by a thinning of the skin and a decrease in collagen levels.


This type of wrinkle was only recently discovered and forms a subset of wrinkles that occur when you sleep and have your face against a pillow. These occur over time and are pretty unavoidable. Another example are the lines that appear above your kneecaps as you age, and skin begins to lose elasticity. You could try sleeping on your back or purchasing a specially designed pillow that alleviates pressure on the skin.