7 Tips To Increase Your Content Marketing Success

Online content is and will continue to be king in terms of building and fostering relationships with customers. Here are some tips to help you do content successfully.

Content marketing is a major facet of online success.  The content you publish will help you get seen by prospects and will help you continue to converse with customers.  It’ll also help you get found by people looking to get more info in your niche and for people who are ready to buy what you’re selling. Content drives traffic to your website, too.

Content quality is important. Quality over quantity wins every time. Here are some tips:

  1. Grab their attention fast. You have a small window of opportunity to reel someone into your topic. If your content isn’t interesting early on, people aren’t likely to read the entire piece. The title is the #1 attractant and think of the first paragraph as the second most vital aspect.
  2. Don’t be pushy. Is all your content centered on trying to get people to buy? You can’t always get the sale straight away.  Value, first and foremost, will get peoples’ attention. Provide value and they will be more likely to click to learn more about who you are and what you sell.
  3. Capture an opt-in.  If someone reads your content and leaves the page, it could be a lost opportunity. Sure, they may find your content in the future but now is the time to try to achieve an opt-in.  Be sure your content can point people back to your website or social media profiles. If on your website, try to get them to opt in to receiving future communications (by subscribing to a blog or signing up to receive a newsletter). If on social media, remind people to follow you, ‘like’ you, etc. This opens the door to future communications and sales opportunities.
  4. Engage them.  If you can get people to interact with your content through comments, this is a very good thing. Commentary will draw new people in and will keep readers coming back to continue to engage with the piece. The longer you hold their attention, the more memorable you will be.
  5. Pictures tell a story. The way you present content matters. The right presentation can enhance its effect.  A single long block of text isn’t as effective as a bulleted list or article broken up with eye-catching subheadings. A bulleted list isn’t always as effective as an infographic or a slideshow. You get the idea.
  6. Take advantage of a captive audience once you’ve got one. Publish new content on a regular basis. This will help you build momentum and will help you build authority with your audience. Don’t lose their attention by not publishing content or by publishing lacklustre content. It takes effort to continually come up with new and fresh ideas but the effort can really pay off.
  7. Have something worth sharing.  Make sure your content is valuable.