Counting Down to Christmas – Get Organised and Enjoy the Big Day!

Christmas may feel a long way off, but the getting to grips with the festive season sooner rather than later not only makes it easier financially but means that by being organised the whole family get to enjoy Christmas rather than worrying about last minute organisations. Here is the perfect plan to get your Christmas off to a cracker!

September: Yes, it does feel too early for Christmas! With Autumn just starting to make itself known, and summer holiday tans still lingering, it is easy not to think about it. But start getting lists together now. If you have people coming over for Christmas find out numbers and if you have any decorating to do, think about doing it now. If you have people coming over think about bedrooms (if they are staying over) you may want to think about buying some cosy bedspreads for a festive feel in the room, and if you have any home improvements to do now is the time. You can easily get a festive feel to the house with Defra Approved Stoves, check out Defra approved multi fuel wood burning stove, for a really cosy festive feel. If you have children have a think about budgets and start to buy stocking fillers now. Write up a list of the family and what your budget is. If you are arty you can save money by making gifts and if you are a keen baker, how about making a Christmas cake? They are always guaranteed to go down well!

Counting Down to Christmas - Get Organised and Enjoy the Big Day

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October: So Christmas is creeping closer, and has probably started to spring up in shops. Start Christmas shopping now and if you are having a turkey, think about ordering it. It will take the stress off of you in December when you have a lot of other things to think about! If you have any last minute touches to add to the home, now is the time to do it.

November: So Christmas really does seem to feel closer now and November can speed by so fast. Get the ‘big’ gifts now for the kids so you won’t miss out in December, and aim to have bulk of the gifts now to avoid worrying about it later on. Buy your Christmas cards (or make them) now and get them ready to post.

Counting Down to Christmas - Get Organised and Enjoy the Big Day2

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December: So the big month has arrived! Hopefully by now all of the big things have been taken care of and you can really enjoy the festive feeling, maybe go to a carol concert and of course now is the time to get the tree and decorate the house. Get the whole family involved, it’s so much fun. Oh and don’ forget the sprouts!