7 Interesting and Effective Tips For Writing a Catchy Copy for Your Display Ads

The underlying theme that works in case of a great display ad is the content. No matter how great the design and layout is, if the content is not up to the mark then it will fail to have the desired effect. A good design will help to draw the attention towards the display ad but it is the content that will convey the message. Following are seven great tips that will help you write the perfect content for your roller banners online.

  • Decide what is your goal? – asking this question is vital because you need to know what you want to achieve. Everyone wants to increase their sales. But that is the ultimate goal. But your first goal is what are you trying to convey – are you launching a new product? Are you offering discount and benefits? Are you shifting your office? Whatever your ad is all about, there are mainly 2 reasons why you are doing it – you wish to create brand awareness, and you want to increase the sales. Although these 2 reasons are completely different but generally these are the major ones.

  • Target audience: it is better to mark out your target audience rather than trying to convince everyone. It is not possible that everyone is suing the same products. There are selective users for all types of products. You need to categorize your client base and create the roller banner accordingly. The design, the layout, the content everything should resonate the interest of your clients.

  • See things from their viewpoint: say for example the product offered by you either makes their life easier or helps to solve their problem. But you know what? Everyone is not familiar with technical jargons. Most of us are laymen who have no idea about these terms. So when you are conveying a message speak in the language that they understand. Use simple, easy words that are interesting and eye catching at the same time. You will be amazed at the end results.

  • Precise, to the point: nothing has a greater impact than words that are precise, compact and to the point. Lengthy sentences tend to be confusing and the impact gets lost somehow.

  • Catchy words: In any kind of display ads, whether it is a roller banner or something else, catchy words are the main attraction. Say for example Nike’s “just do it” is attractive and impactful and gets the desired message across. Opt for such words that will be catchy, easy to remember and recollect.

  • Vivid – call to action – instructions: always make sure that you are using a call to action words like “buy now” or “purchase today”. These words tempt the audience to go ahead and take the action immediately.

  • Different methods and approaches: go ahead and ask your target audience what they think of the particular display advertisement. Collect information from different sources. A fresh perspective often is quite beneficial.

So what are you waiting for? When you are opting for roller banners online make sure that you take into account these vital tips.