How to Make Your Blog More Readable

Are you struggling to keep up to date with your blog or find your writing is simply not stimulating enough to attract visitors? Writing is not an easy task and coming up with fresh and innovative ideas for a blog, when there is so much competition online, is a tough job. Here are some handy tips to spice up your content:

First Person – don’t think you need to write in the third person and keep things overly formal, it is ok to write in the first person. That is, after all, how we speak to each other on a daily basis. Not writing naturally stifles your flow, restricts your imagination and ultimately leads to less interesting blog posts. You’ll be much more inclined to engage with your readers if you use personal experience.

Be Crystal Clear – sometimes when people to write in a more interesting and exciting way, they use lots of fancy adjectives and some crazy vocabulary but not always to the best effect. There is a time and place for elaborate words but it might not be in your blog. The main thing that draw people in and keep them engaged is being clear with your message and saying exactly what you need to say without distraction. Plain and clear need not mean dull and lifeless.

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Word Count – don’t get bogged down by this as the most important thing is the quality of your writing and not the quantity. Don’t make articles needlessly long just to fill a word count – say what you need to say and people will stay with you. Waffle and they’ll tire and leave.

Keep it Short – not the content but the sentences. Short sentences are more attention-grabbing and easier to read. People will get lost in long sentences, forget the point that’s being made and lose interest. Reading is a mental exercise so you want to be informative, helpful and keeping your reading focused for a few minutes of their time. If you’re looking for advice about any aspect of your website, think about Reading Web Design and visit

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Paragraph – you may not have thought about these since school but they really do matter. Nobody wants to face a great wall of text, it gets boring and is intimidating to look at. Break your writing up into short chunks of text to make it more user-friendly and readable. Font size, headings, bullet points all help to make text more interesting and manageable.

Don’t Stress – this isn’t an English exam so don’t think you need to impress everybody. Just be natural and get your point across clearly. Remember, the people you’re writing for are just normal people who want to read straightforward, helpful and easy articles.

Tell Your Story – it has been scientifically proven that when we hear a story, different areas of our brains are activated in ‘neural coupling’ and dopamine is released when we hear a happy ending, making us feel on a natural high. Therefore, being able to tell some of kind of story from your experience is a great way to instantly connect with your readers.