3 reasons to start up your own company blog

The thought of starting up a company blog can be off-putting for many business owners; not only does it seem like a lot of time and effort that could be better spent growing your business or tackling that stack of paperwork you’ve been avoiding, but there is some debate about whether blogging is still relevant today in the realm of digital marketing.

Here are 3 great reasons why you should consider starting up your own company blog:

Great for SEO
Blogging can work wonders for increasing your search visibility. Have you ever wondered why websites like Wikipedia and Amazon always seem to appear in search engine results pages, no matter what keywords and phrases you enter? In addition to the fact that both sites are well established, they are both also pretty monumental in terms of page density. Due to their high (and ever increasing) page volume, both sites have reams of information that can be used by Google to determine whether the website is relevant or not to a particular search.

So each time you publish new content to your blog and your website expands in size, the pool of information that Google can use to decide if your site is relevant to a search gets bigger. The important thing to remember though is not to add content to your website for content’s sake; while you want to get as much information onto your website as possible, if it’s not of a good quality, it will end up doing more harm than good.


Become recognised as an expert
A high quality blog will help you to position yourself as an opinion-leading expert within your industry. If you’re constantly pushing out valuable content that answers the common questions of your target audience, offers unbiased advice, professional opinions and clears up confusion, you will become a recognised and trusted player within your field. This gets even better if you can comment on new topics within your industry such as innovative new product launches, controversial or ground-breaking news stories or other high-profile topics of conversation before anybody else does. Consumers who have read your blog posts will then be much more likely to enter the sales funnel in the future, because you’ve helped them out in the past.

Support your social media strategy
Thanks to the rise of social media marketing over the last 5 or so years, many business owners have neglected to invest in blogging, instead focusing their energy solely on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, these people are missing a trick.

While social media can be a valuable tool for communicating and engaging with new and existing customers on a more personal level, it shouldn’t be used in isolation. Sharing interesting information has become a huge part of social networking, but what happens when you struggle to find good quality content that you are happy to share with your network of customers? Could you try writing your own?

We know that creating unique and compelling content just sounds like a lot of time and effort, but as long as your posts are of good value to your customers, they don’t even need to be too lengthy. 3-400 words 2-3 times a month will do just fine. Then just throw a few longer-tail pieces (1000+ words) in there for good measure.

Then all that’s left to do is shout about your work on your social media channels. You’ll no longer need to trawl the internet for stuff to share, and your customers will be impressed to know that you’ve written the articles yourself.

If you’re still intimidated by the idea of starting your own company blog, and think it might help to get some copywriting tips, MA Design, web designers in Cheltenham, have published some great posts, full to the brim with ideas that will get you started.