Increasing revenue from your restaurant

The signs in the restaurant trade are promising, with increasing sales figures and more new outlets opening every month. This means it’s the perfect time to look at the performance of your restaurant and try and boost sales figures. Consider how you could increase customer numbers and look at new ways of raising revenue in order to take advantage of the successful market.


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Customers spending more

The hospitality industry is slowly starting to emerge from the perils of the recession. Customers are now more confident in the economy, making them more likely to spend money on non-essentials, such as eating out. Prior to this, customers were constantly worried about their own financial situation, as well as the state of the country’s purse, which caused them to spend only on what was necessary, reducing the profits of restaurants.

A recent report into consumer spending by Barclaycard, found that there was a 4.5% rise in consumer confidence in their spending power in April of this year. Restaurants need to utilise this confident attitude for the benefit of their business.

Invest in your kitchen

Sometimes you have to spend money in order to make more and this is often the case with the layout and design of commercial kitchens. Spend some time looking at the type of equipment you actually use on a daily basis and what appliances you could live without. This will enable you to go online and find the right choice of available catering supplies from or other online businesses and design your kitchen in a way that works better for you. By selecting some high quality products, you can increase your restaurants’ sales and profitability.

Have a seasonal menu

Even regular customers who enjoy what you currently serve on the menu would appreciate the option of trying something a little different. They don’t want to see the same menu every time and if you add in a few regular specials, it can be enough to boost sales. However, giving a completely seasonal edge to the menu, using ingredients that are fresh and in season, might just tempt a customer to return to the restaurant or bring in somebody completely new who’s heard a great review.

Train your staff

When you hire new employees you will undoubtedly spend time training them on how your restaurant is run, the type of menu you serve and how to wait on tables. However, even long standing employees could probably do with a refresher every so often. This just livens up the waiting team and gives them an added impetus to do well and to provide a fantastic impression to customers of the restaurant.

By having polite and attentive waiting staff it can make all the difference to the performance of your business and encourage customers to return. It can also boost tips, as rudeness amongst waiters came out top in a survey of why customers don’t leave tips.

By simply changing a few elements and focusing on what your restaurant does best, you can help to increase revenue and make your outlet more successful.