SEAT León ST Cupra R: a family member of 300 CV born for enjoyment

The rumors were that the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA R would see the light in 2018, but finally it was in the early stages of 2019 when this model hits the market. It does so in the form of limited edition , has specific sports aesthetic features, technology focused on offering more fun at the wheel and no less than 300 CV delivery.

Only 300 units will be available in the market of this family member, which, although it is not as radical as the superlative Audi RS6 Avant , carries sportsmanship by flag both at the level of image and mechanical and technological. It is also much cheaper, of course. But let us leave aside comparisons and focus on this SEAT León CUPRA R ST .

To the rich carbon fiber

Starting from what you see, the Leon ST CUPRA R is distinguished by a generous front diffuser, with a honeycomb grid and framed by two giant air intakes. It also assembles new side skirts, a rear spoiler and a diffuser in the rear, where two exhaust exits are integrated. All these add-ons, of course, go on carbon fiber seen .

Three colors are available for the body, gray, black and white, and is very in tune with the sports brand CUPRA, which is materialized in copper accents that we have seen both in the CUPRA Ateca and in the CUPRA Ibiza Concept . The set is completed by exclusive 19-inch dual – tone copper and black wheels .

The carbon fiber is also present in the exterior mirror housings, as well as in various details of the passenger compartment (in imitation where appropriate) such as the seats or the trim of the doors. On the other hand, the seats, the steering wheel and the change knob are covered in Alcantara.

Looking for the differences with the Leon ST 300 Cupra 4Drive

Turning to what is not, we find the most interesting SEAT León CUPRA R ST . Under the hood it hides the same propeller as the Seat Leon ST 300 Cupra 4Drive: a 2.0 TSI of 300 HP . Rumors were that it would reach 340 HP , but will have to ‘settle’ with 40 CV less delivery.

In addition, he also shares with his brother the 4Drive all-wheel drive and the DSG automatic gearbox with seven speeds. However, it distinguishes itself by equipping the Dynamic Chassis Control with dampers of variable firmness, a Progressive Steering system , which according to SEAT brings more sporting sensations to the steering wheel, and a specific aiming for the suspension, improving its passage through high curves. speeds.

As is usual in both the CUPRA versions and the sports brand models, the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA R has the exclusive Cupra driving mode , which adds to the usual Comfort, Sport and Individual.

And in terms of performance, it traces the figures of the Leon ST 300 Cupra 4Drive: accelerates from stationary to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and its maximum speed is set at 250 km / h .

That technology is not lacking

In addition to its marked sporting character, the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA R isequipped with a remarkable set of technologies focused on safety, comfort and connectivity.

Coupled with the Advanced Comfort & Driving Pack , there are driving assistants such as lane maintenance system, adaptive cruise control, city emergency braking assistant with pedestrian detector, traffic signal recognition system, assistant jams or assistant short / long automatic lights.

It also has the new Digital Cockpit instrumentation , which we have already seen in other SEAT models as well as in the CUPRA Ateca, and mounted an 8-inch multimedia display equipped with the Full Link system , which is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirror Link. Heated seats and rear view camera are other of its comfort-oriented benefits.