Ten tips to remove the Christmas decoration

In life there are two types of people … We are the ones who have been waiting for days to close the Christmas holidays and we have already taken advantage of the afternoon of January 6 to store the dishes, wash the tablecloths and remove the Christmas decorations and are Those who love to stretch these dates to the maximum and still have the house decorated as if the Magi were going to stay to live.

Although we are all clear that it is more than 300 days to return to enjoy (or suffer) Christmas, the eternal debate is whether the Christmas decorations already removed, if left for a few more days to prolong the holiday feeling or if it It keeps on plan despiste to see if we get used to living with her so that we can leave her already set for next year …

  1. The sooner you remove the ornaments the better: for many days that pass, keeping the Christmas decoration will continue to give you the same laziness, especially if you have been one of those who have celebrated to the fullest and you have the house full of red, white and brilli -brilli everywhere. So do not leave it for the month of February
  2. The dates that are shuffled to remove the Christmas decoration are very varied. There is the option of the day of kings 6 of January or the one of the 13 of January that will be when they turn off the lights of Christmas in Vigo that so much have given that to speak this year … In other countries they even retired already day 5, it is in Spain where we stretch more. Ideally, take advantage of pick up today January 7 so that children, who are still on vacation, help in the task or wait until tomorrow, day 8, which starts school and therefore returns the normal day to day routine .
  3. If you have had a natural tree at home and you do not have a garden in which to plant it, find out if your town hall, or any of your area, has a municipal plan to collect spruce trees to plant them and give them a new life, without a doubt it is the best option.
  4. If your Christmas tree is artificial , then it would be best if you take it apart and place it so that it takes up as little space as possible to store it and get it back next Christmas, the option of wrapping it in transparent plastic is good, but if ornaments … Do not be lazy!
  5. When picking up do not forget the adornment or the ornaments of the door , as they are away from home it is usual that we get lost with them when we do not see them and after having everything collected it is very annoying to have to reopen packages to keep the Advent wreath or whatever we have hanging in the entrance.
  6. Be very careful with the order when you keep the ornaments, especially with garlands of lights. When the next month of December you start to recover bags and boxes full of things to replace, you will appreciate having spent a few minutes at this time of the collection to avoid having to unravel and undo impossible knots.
  7. The organizers of boxes and crates , whether purchased or DIY can be useful to place all tree ornaments or figures of Bethlehem separately without breaking, without being lost and being placed in an accessible way to retrieve them within just over 11 months.
  8. If you have many ornaments and you will distribute them in several boxes, it would not hurt to label or label, write down what you keep in each one: “tree ornaments”, “nativity figures”, “Christmas table” … because in the end we put together a wide collection of textiles and details for all the rooms of the house and it is better to classify them in an orderly way.
  9. If you are too lazy and do not want to repeat decoration again when December arrives, you can always make your cat happy and let it be the one who takes care of the removal of the ornaments and the tree.
  10. If everything and that now is that you realize that you spent decorating and that you have too many things to collect, write this down in a visible place so you do not forget when December arrives and do not come up decorating one more year , because curiously, as we are the only animal that stumbles two and more times on the same stone, Christmas after Christmas we always go through this annoying moment and we do not learn.