Keep calm and cook over a campfire

There is something very magical about the taste of food cooked outside. Cooking with the way our ancestors would have is very satisfying and well done, it can be an experience that is truly special and enjoyable. If you find you are getting stressed over the duties of camp cooking, then try these instructions helps to make the process much more enjoyable:

Having the right equipment is the first step in successful outdoor cooking. You will definitely need matches and lighter fluid, a light medium sized pot and pan, foil and portable bars. A spatula and tongs are also important to avoid burnt fingers!

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A useful idea is to measure the ingredients for a meal before you set off and store them in a ziplock bag labelled individually. Get all your supplies, including Hiking Shoes Ireland at a site like Basecamp, a leading supplier of Hiking Shoes Ireland and other camping equipment.

You could even make the food before you leave, such as soup and freeze it to re-heat over a campfire to eat quickly and easily.

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When cooking outdoors, be sure to cover the pot. It cooks your food faster, save fuel and prevent any debris or insects from getting into your food.

Always store your food effectively or hang it above ground to avoid the attention of any unwanted wildlife!

Take a little oil to rub into a portable grill that will stop food from sticking to it during cooking. Make sure that matches are kept in a watertight container. A bushcraft shop online will be able to meet all the needs of your outdoor catering.