How do ants get into my home?

Despite seeing ants everywhere in the summer, people still get upset when they see them crawling along the kitchen counters or winding their way across the floor inside the home.  So, should you grab the insecticide, or learn to live with them?

Why are there ants in my house?

Ants are part of the natural cleanup crew: they efficiently find and remove food left around the house. The problem is, sometimes people do not want their help.

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You’ve probably seen the ants more often coming indoors in the summer – this is because they are more active during the summer. For help from Pest Control Chelmsford, visit a site like St George’s, a leading Pest Control Chelmsford company

Ants will sometimes enter looking for water, especially when it hasn’t rained for a while. When this happens, you might notice them in the bathroom or places with high humidity.

If there has been a lot of rainfall, this can flood the anthills and force them to find a new place to call home – like your home!

Ants are highly social and live in colonies that can number hundreds and millions sometimes. They only have a tiny brain, tinier than a sand particle. But what makes them so smart at entering our homes and finding our food? Because they are the masters of cooperation.

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You’ve surely seen ants marching in a line towards a drop of food on your kitchen counter. When the worker ants find a piece of tasty food, they respond by placing small droplets of pheromones on the ground. The ant leaves a pheromone trail all the way from the food to the nest. It only requires one ant to locate food and start a trail. As soon as this happens, hundreds of other ants can trace the trail to the food.