How to treat chronic back pain

Back pain, especially in the lower part of the back is becoming an increasing cause of concern. Almost all the people, for a short time or a long time, are affected with this at some point of time in life. Back pain, not a disease by itself, is more of a symptom concerning some other problem in our body. Sometimes it may be as a result of stress due to extra long working hours at office or at home (may be during some renovation or a major cleaning activity). In other cases it may be due to some injury either at the time of some sports play or an accident or may be just a jerk at the time of sudden movement of the car or otherwise. In many situations it is even difficult to identify the actual cause of the pain.

Although sometimes it is only superficial or just muscular but in more severe case it might even relate to spinal bones and tissues. Short term back paingenerally goes off within few days or at the most a couple of weeks but chronic back pain lasts for two to three months or even more. It often increases as the time passes. A thorough study of the daily routine has to be made for a proper diagnosis of the reason for pain.

How to treat chronic back pain

The objective of the treatment should be to restore the proper functioning of the back and by the end of the treatment the back should gain the original strength is such a way that the injury does not reoccur. Depending on the severity the treatment of the back pain may either require a surgery, or, in most of the cases, it could be done thru drugs under proper medical supervision and guidance. Pain killer drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs are available to reduce pain and discomfort. Cold and hot compresses along with regular exercise as suggested by the physician would help the body to respond more efficiently to the drugs. This will make speedy recovery possible. In more serious cases like muscular or skeletal injuries, where the body is not able to respond to only medicines and other physical therapies(like acupuncture or massage), surgery may be required to be done, to get the relief from pain and control the disease before further damage. Of course, bed rest for the time period as suggested by the surgeon or the physician, as the case may be, is a must.

Immediately after having gone through the remedial process individuals should not force themselves to their regular work without the permission from the doctor. It is often suggested not to participate in exercises that give jolt or strain to the back. One should avoid lifting extra heavy objects both at home and in the work place and for normal weight things lifting should be done properly by maintaining correct posture to prevent reoccurrence of the injury.

Although lots of medication is available to treat back pain, many international medical organizations and health related institutes are under going research work to produce drugs that have little side effects. Special research is being done to treat chronic back pain, so as to avoid surgery or operation.

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