Buckingham Palace

London is a city that has everything to offer you: it’s past stretches back into the distant history, whilst the exciting atmosphere of its hustle and bustle proclaims that the city is certainly looking forward into the future.  It is this cosmopolitan and seemingly all-encompassing culture that makes the city so high on people’s must-visit wish lists.  You don’t have to think about what you can do in London because you can pretty much do anything!  So whatever kind of a holiday you are after, London is pretty sure to be the ideal location to have it in.

World-famous for its theatre and renowned for what is has on offer for those in need of some serious shopping trips, London is perhaps most well known for its deeply interesting history.  As the political apex of the United Kingdom, it has collected the residue of many of the most important events in the country over the past millennia.  As such it is an incredibly interesting place to explore, be you a fanatical time-travelling history buff or you simply have a casual interest in what has gone on to make the country the way it is today.

London has a huge selection of historic monuments and houses for you to poke your nose around, thus gaining an understanding of the past as well as satisfying yourself and the whole family with a fun and interactive day out.

Buckingham Palace

Perhaps the best-loved of all historical attractions, and the tip of the pyramid of power for many years is the world-famous Buckingham Palace.  This royal household is a hugely important part of London’s famed iconography, and your trip to London will not be the same without a visit to this beautiful and elegant palace.

The most interesting part of the palace, however, is probably not it’s past: this is a fully functional house where the royal family spends much of their time.  It is thus kept in excellent condition, and has been witness to not only important events in the distant past but to contemporary political happenings that you yourself will remember!  This makes the palace all the more interesting, and so all the more pleasurable to explore because of it’s relevancy.

With lots of things to do there such as explore the State Rooms, see the horses in the stables of the Royal Mews, and view the wonderful collections of art in the Queens gallery, you are certain to go home feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Buckingham Palace’s reputation means that it holds something of interest for everyone, and so it is a tried and tested winner for people from all walks of life.  Make sure you book your tickets now to avoid hassle on the day, and then all there is left to do is enjoy your visit!