Driving round the UK

The United Kingdom made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is characterised by its picturesque countryside and quintessentially British villages and towns. Driving round these countries is an experience in itself, whether you drive round in your own vehicle, hire a car or find VW campers for sale.

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Driving yourself

Drive round the Uk in your own vehicle and the time is entirely up to you. Whether you go for a leisurely drive through the countryside or visit some of the country’s many villages and towns, you are sure to enjoy exploring what the United Kingdom has to offer. If you are driving yourself please make sure you have everything you need like insurance, tax a valid MOT and off course you have passed your driving test. If you haven’t you might want to pop over to a Driving Instructor Market Harborough company at websites including demarcodriving.uk   According to Sky more Brits than ever are choosing to spend their holidays in the UK. Take a look at Berkshire and it is clear why many Brits would rather explore what their own country has to offer.

Hiring a car

Why not hire a car to drive round Berkshire? You can still see everything the county has to offer and you can choose how long you want to hire your car for. Hire a car for a day or two and visit some of the county’s top attractions, such as Eton College, Basildon Park and Highclere Castle. Better yet, have a leisurely drive along the Thames and take in the sights of the riverbanks. If you would like more useful information about car hire, you can find some at sites such as ITV.com.

Hiring a camper van

When it comes to hiring camper vans, your accommodation is sorted and you have all the amenities at hand for a successful driving trip. You also have more room to relax and take in the scenery as you travel. When you are in Berkshire, why not travel in style? Hire a luxury camper van from a reliable company and you will fit right in with the regal country set. Having a comfortable motor home to travel round in can make your journey even more enjoyable.


Berkshire has plenty to offer and no matter where you go, you are bound to discover many beautiful examples of the unspoilt English countryside. Some of the other unique attractions you can discover for yourself include Windsor Castle, which is one of the world’s oldest and largest royal residences, and Ascot Racecourse, where each day of horse racing is packed with excitement, nostalgia and tradition.