Repurpose your old clothes in style

Disposing of old clothing in landfill is not an option if you are concerned about the environment.

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Any clothes that you cannot repurpose can be recycled at clothing banks as Sainsbury’s recently reminded shoppers.

Repurposing for adults

Use five-inch squares of decorative cotton to make handwarmers. If you like you can add a layer of white cotton fabric to the wrong side of each square to help with heat retention. Fill the bags with ¾ cup of rice and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Make a bag from jeans by cutting the legs off and hemming the raw edge. Sew a rectangle of printed fabric into a bag wider than the jeans, gather with a running stitch and attach to the bottom of the jeans, distributing the fullness evenly. Add handles, securing them tightly to the waistband of the jeans.

Shorts can be made from jeans or cotton trousers that are worn at the knee. Measure the length you want and cut off, allowing an inch for hemming. If you prefer, you can just fray the bottoms.

Use favourite T-shirts to create a memory blanket. Cut squares, stabilize with fusible interfacing and stitch into a patchwork sheet whatever size you want.
Your old T-shirts can also be stitched into double sided scarves for a cosy way to wear your memories.

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An infinity scarf can be made from a couple of decorative T-shirts. Cut a large loop from each and fold in the raw edges. Twist and then secure them together – this will be at the back of the neck. Add extra colour with felt tip pens if you like.

You can also use them for your wifes special outing when she does her hen do by painting them, covering them in glitter and writing funny names on the bottom. Then book her and her friends a Hen Party Bus Cheltenham transport to drive her to her favourite location by looking at sites including

Repurposing for children

If your little girl has a top or dress that is too short, try attaching a skirt made from one of your T-shirts to create a brand new look.

Pretty pillowcases can be used to make comfy cotton nightgowns for little girls.

Pillowcases are also ideal for making sleeping bags for travelling. Line them with fleece fabric for warmth and add a little wadding between the layers.

Use an old sweater to sew into a hat for a baby or child. The ribbing can be used to make sure it fits snugly in cold weather.