Looking for the First Signs of Springtime

In these strange and worrying times, we can still rely on the beauty of nature and its continuous cycle to cheer us up – whether you enjoy a woodland walk or order some special blooms from somewhere like this florist Tewkesbury based https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ to cheer you up.

Being around nature is something that has a huge positive impact on mood, and that is certainly something that most of us need at the moment! Have a walk through the countryside and have a look for these signs that spring is now just around the corner and better days are coming…

Snowdrops – The first sign for many of the oncoming springtime these are the plant pioneers, often seen first poking their heads above ground as soon as later January. They are a pleasing sight and are pretty little flowers.

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Bird Activity – Now is the time that birds are starting to think about rearing chicks, and you will start to notice a frenzy of activity amongst birdlife. More birdsong as well as birds collecting items for their nests are more natural signs of spring coming soon.

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Bumblebees – You will know when the earth is starting to get warmer as the queen bumblebees will begin to stir from their winter hibernation – in March they start to hunt for nectar to give them the strength and energy that they will need to start their new colony. Look out for them on their hunt for flowers and eventually a nest!