Amazing Facts About Bamboo

Bamboo is one amazing plant and has been used since the dawn of time. While the plant grows throughout most of the planet and can be seen in places like Asia, the real fact is bamboo is an incredible living plant that can grow in many places. Bamboo has many things going for it that makes it a great addition to any home or garden. The fact that it grows in such a vast area is another one of its amazing facts about bamboo.

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Bamboo in the wild will grow in large fields that are hundreds of metres long and wide and the leaves will be a dull green color, but as a plant grows indoors it will change to a more vibrant green and the leaves will grow in many different colours. For a Bamboo Toothbrush, visit

Bamboo also has high tensile strength, which is what allows it to be used as a construction material. Bamboo sticks are a very popular type of construction material that many people use because they are strong, durable, and don’t break easily. Bamboo has been used as fencing and as part of the panelling of buildings for thousands of years and with the modern technology of kiln setting and pressure treating bamboo is a very desirable wood to use for building purposes today.

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One of the most famous amazing facts about bamboo is that it has been used in traditional medicine. The traditional medicine of India used bamboo extensively for pain relief and also to treat certain infections. Bamboo has also been made into many different types of paper, such as the famous Chaweng Paper and it was used by the Chinese in ancient times as a way to create paper that was stronger and more durable than regular paper.