How to start a conversation with the lady?

Don’t be worried if you find yourself flustered and worried about talking to a woman who you’ve been dying to meet. It happens to all of us at some point or the other. Although you may not be jumping at the prospect of walking up to her and introducing yourself, you really should do it if you want this relationship to take root. If you keep praying that an opportunity will turn up and you will be spared the trouble, you are simply raising your hopes. Unless you take the initiative, it is highly unlikely that you will get things going the way you intend it to.

Are you worried about starting a conversation with a lady? Do not worry, here is help

The first thing to focus on is when to pick your moment. You want to make that first impression work, as it has a huge role in ensuring your friend notices you and decides to stick with listening to you. For this, don’t plan your meeting when she is busy or distracted. Go for a time when she is relaxed, seems to have time on her hands and will not have to cut your conversation short for any reason.

Once you have determined when to make your move, you should also plan what you will first talk to her about. There are various options you may like to consider. You can always talk about something as general as the weather, or what’s been happening lately that is bound to interest her. If the two of you meet at the same place all the while, how about steering your conversation in that direction? You could always walk up to her and tell her that you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to meet and talk to her, and you are interested in knowing her better. Many women are flattered by honesty and this may work to your benefit. It will also save you the trouble of making small talk and beating about the bush, as you get straight to the point.

Being confident is very important

There is nothing more embarrassing to the woman than speaking to a guy who looks shy and distracted as he approaches her for the first time. This is a huge let down. So, make sure that you are confident and own the space, while you make that first initiative. Talk to her, and look into her eyes. Be pleasant, and don’t apologize for disturbing her. Let her feel that you are genuine in your efforts, and she will most likely reciprocate your feelings.

Compliments work in most of the cases when it comes to women – grab this opportunity and steer clear from the common situations by being honest and crisp in your words and thoughts in your mind.

Give her an impression that will undoubtedly stand in her mind for quite some time and lasts forever. This is only possible if you confidently use a couple of good conversation starters to do the trick for you.

The key to having a conversation with a beautiful lady is to first get it started and allow her to guide you on what you should continue discussing. Notice what she is talking about and don’t look distracted. Take cues from what she says, to continue talking and move to a new topic. Find areas of common interest and this will keep the discussion rolling. You can also use follow up questions or open ended statements that prove your intellectuality and also show your interest to continue the conversation with her. So, what are you waiting for, guys?