Encouraging independence

Independent living involves making sure that people with disabilities have more freedom to make choices in life and that they have receive support for the choices they make.

The aim is to promote an increased choice for disabled people for things like where they live, who they socialise with, and the level of assistance needed to help them go about their daily lives.

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Physical freedom

Small things like being able to easily navigate their home are important but often overlooked in promoting independence for disabled people. When people feel they can complete such tasks, they feel very empowered.

Another way to encourage greater independence among disabled loved ones is to give the option to take on responsibilities like washing or getting out, depending on the degree of disability. Those with limited mobility can benefit from Mobility Scooters Bristol. Find Mobility Scooters Bristol From Pearce Bros Mobility

Network Support

When a person with a disability has a reliable support network, their feelings of independence multiply. But when building a support network, it is important to focus on a few key points:

Give Support, Not Control

It is important to make a distinction between providing support for disabled people and controlling what they do. The former is to empower and increase independence, but control is to limit and reduce any feeling of being able to make their own choices.

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A major factor in improving the independence of disabled people is to have a reliable support network around them. When only one person takes care of and supports someone with a disability, disabled people became dependent on that person.