Keeping your Garage Cool in the Summer

Summer is on the way, and after a long winter, we can all look forward to enjoying more time outdoors – whether it is in the garden, or further afield. As we come towards summer, we need to start to think about keeping things cool, rather than keeping it warm, and one of the places that many people can often forget is the garage.

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Many of us use the garage to store things, to run appliances and also to work in, either as a home office or a workshop. As well as being an uncomfortable place to be when the temperatures rise, when a place is too warm it can also cause problems for the things that you store in the garage, which in prolonged periods of high temperatures may become damaged.

When it comes to cooling down your garage, it is important to be aware of the things that may be causing a problem – that way you can rectify them…

Poor Ventilation – Garages don’t usually have windows, so letting the air into the room is a lot more difficult – having the door open would obviously pose a security risk all of the time, but you can buy ventilation systems specifically for garages which would help to get the air flowing through it. It is also good to ensure that the garage isn’t too full of clutter, as this can also prevent air from moving around the room and keep it too warm in the summer.

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Poor Insulation – As well as keeping the garage warm enough in the winter, good insulation can also keep the heat out in the summer months. If you have an older garage door, this could be causing you problems with insulation – a new door from a specialist like this garage doors Bristol based company could really improve the insulation in your garage and benefit you in summer and in winter.

Your Car – If you store your car in the garage, in the summer it could be making it too hot in there. The engine of the car is like a heater, so taking it straight into the garage as soon as you get home can make the garage overheat. The best thing to do with this is to leave your car out of the garage for about an hour after you have driven it to get it to cool down.