The 10 Most Addictive Foods And How to Stop Eating Them

As with drugs, over time the same amount of food will produce less pleasure. Which means you have to eat more to achieve that feeling of fullness. Fortunately, resistance is not futile; You can change food trends.

It’s opening a bag of potatoes and a tsunami of dopamine runs through our body. One, two, three and so on until the last crumbs. It is not a product of your imagination: there are foods that act in our body like drugs, sex or mobile notifications. Their consumption makes us slaves, addicted to their taste, sugars and carbohydrates. It is hard for our brains to quench: it asks for more glucose in the bloodstream, more trans fats, more rewards that make us yearn for a new bite.

As with drugs, over time the same amount of food will produce less pleasure. Which means you have to eat more to achieve that feeling of fullness. Fortunately, resistance is not futile; You can change food trends. In a recent study, researcher Nicole Avena has identified in the magazine ‘Time’ the ten most addictive foods. Take note.

  1. Pizza

The holy trinity (cheese, tomato and dough) united in perfect harmony. If you are one of those who already know you by your palate in the Italian of your neighborhood, from those who take up the cold pizza at breakfast or from those who have the number of Dominos saved in the phone favorites, get the idea: You could be an addict to its flavor.

This food usually contains a large amount of saturated fats and carbohydrates, which are the main generators of dependence. “The more processed, the worse it will be,” says the researcher. “Try to eat pizza with whole and fresh ingredients, and do not overdo the cheese.” Try doing it at home by following these tips.

  1. Chocolate

Pleasure that melts in your mouth. It attaches, above all, to its grease and texture. To stop bingeing, the darker the better. Milk chocolate contains lots of fat, so change it by black. At first it may be bitter, but after a while you will adjust your tastes and the milk chocolate you so much wonders will taste too sweet.

A research from the University of Flinders in Australia has another (surprising) solution to ending your ‘choking’. They argue that mindfulness could be the key. This so fashionable technique can help decrease the frequency of intrusive thoughts and the intensity of anxiety, and thus have more control of our cravings.

  1. Biscuits

You should put industrial biscuits on the food list to avoid. It is usually difficult to find the perfect cookie other than a brew of addictive ingredients. The food engineering has managed to hit the key: activate the pleasure center of the brain. There by 2016 became a famous study carried out at the University of Connecticut, in the United States, which showed that the creamy filling of the Oreo activates more neurons of well-being than cocaine. Therefore, it is best to bake your own: thus, you can control the ingredients and, above all, the sugar.

  1. Potato Chips

If even the slogans of the brands recognize it: “When you do pop, there is no stop”. These processed foods have a high salt content that not only gives you that instant pleasant sensation, but never ends up filling you. To reduce your unbridled consumption, look for the variety of lower salt in the supermarket.

  1. Ice Creams

Another of the foods that most engage us physically and psychologically. Its sweetness, its freshness in summer and its fatty component make it irresistible. For starters, you should leave the routine of the pot and the large spoon in front of the TV. The key is to buy individual packages that force us to leave the house every time we go for ice cream.

  1. Tarts

The pies are synonymous with celebration, good humor and a non-stop: one piece after another. They are an explosive mixture: nice texture, chocolate, sugar. Not only are they addictive because of their concentration of ingredients, but because they are absorbed quickly and soon reach the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to limit your exposure and learn to say no: you are not a spoiler for not wanting a piece of your birthday cake.

  1. Chips

The fast food fries are made to be the perfect companion. As they usually have a lot of salt, they are one of the most succulent foods. If you want to ‘leave it’, try to do it at home. And if you make them in the oven instead of fries, the better.

  1. Cheeseburgers

Not only are they addictive for their ingredients, but also for their cultural side. For the most part, the restaurant burgers will be much better than fast food burgers. However, it is best to make them at home and, if you can, without bread. The idea is to get rid of processed portions of food as much as you can.

  1. Cereals

In some countries, it is difficult to find cereals that do not taste like sugar lumps. In the United States, we take more care, at least as far as cereals are concerned. Even so, pay attention to the labels and try to find a brand that does not have more than 4 grams of sugar per serving. We know that sugary foods are more palatable than whole grains, but your health will thank you.

  1. Fried Chicken

It is not so much the chicken itself, but the crunchy, greasy and salty breaded that covers it, so typical of fast food establishments. Try baking instead of frying or removing the first layer, as it will help to quell the desire to continue eating.