Ways to Thank Staff for their Hard Work

There is no denying that this last year has been another tough one. Work has been something that has been incredibly difficult for many people – having to balance work with childcare, adapt to working from home and then the anxiety and change in life as people once more headed back to the office. For many employees this has been a difficult time to endure.

As we head into the winter and Christmas approaches, we can start to reflect on the past year – with most of the hard times now hopefully behind us and the feeling that with the coming spring will come better days, there is definitely a sense of light at the end of the tunnel once this winter is over.

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Caring for staff during these turbulent times is a challenge for many employers – if you want to thank staff and recognise their achievements during these extraordinary and strange months there are many ways of doing this – here are a few ideas…

Something that always goes down well are gifts. Look into something like these team gifts from Miller & Co that will please staff and acknowledge their efforts.

Something else that is a good idea, especially at this time of year is going out for the evening. As well as a great way to team build, it is also a chance to say thank you to staff – treating them to a meal and drinks will encourage them too!

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You could also say thank you with an extra day annual leave, or an early start to the Christmas break. Giving staff extra time off, especially in the festive season is always going to go down well.