Homeworking? No problem. Here’s what to do.

You may have found yourself suddenly called to do something that you never thought possible. With the ongoing situation, and it showing no real signs of abating, the old order of going into an office every day for 7 to 8 hours is looking increasingly extinct. A new way of working has emerged (although for many of us it has always been there); we are all becoming homeworkers. For many of us it has been an easy transition and one that many have both embraced  and many have long called for.

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What can you do to make the change easier. Here are a few pointers.

  1. Get a decent desk and chair. As with most modern ordering services you can get a Next Day delivery desks service to come and kit you out within 24 hours of ordering it. Click on this to Find out more.
  2. Make a space in your house and stick to it. Let everyone know that you are going to have a certain area of a bedroom or the living room set aside as your office or to be your office space over a certain amount of hours. This is where all that office furniture you’ve ordered is going to go.

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  1. Don’t have the TV on. Whilst it might be tempting to catch up on a box set try and remember that you are still technically at work. The best thing to do is to try to get into the mindset that you are in the office just not in a physical way.
  2. Put your mobile in a draw and only get it out at break times. As with the TV you should eliminate any interruptions or distractions for the simple reason that if you were in the office you wouldn’t have them all out every 5 minutes.