Who leads the digital transformation of your company?

One of the outstanding issues of many companies is the digital transformation. There is a lot of talk about it, it seems essential to survive in the future. But the reality is that the change does not come from one day to the next and requires small steps. But also of personnel that can carry it out, but who leads the digital transformation of your company?

It is necessary that there are trained personnel, who have the ability to propose and lead the implementation of solutions that transform the company. They do not have to do it directly, it is usual for a third company to be in charge, but it has to be open to understand the change, see the advantages of it and act as a transmission chain for the rest of the employees.

This type of employee, who in addition to mastering his subject as a professional, is open to take the company to make the necessary changes, it will become increasingly difficult to hire. Because it has a very specific profile . You have to know the company, your area of ​​work and at the same time have enough experience to see what other organizations are doing and whether or not it adapts to the needs of this company.

You can always resort to consulting companies, but the reality is that it is not the most common in the SME. As the company is smaller, it will be more difficult to find this employee to act as a catalyst for change . In any case, this type of profile clashes with temporary contracts, very fair offers of economic conditions or good schedules. If we can identify him, as they said in Team A, maybe we can hire him.

In many cases you tend to look for someone who has a good relationship with technology. But this causes that homemade solutions are applied , the same ones that are used as a user at home, which does not always work in the company. And many times it collides with current legislation such as the RGPD. It is not the same to put a video surveillance camera in our house than in our company. It is not the same to have a Dropbox to exchange documents at home, that in the company, where we can have customer data.

The change does not come from one day to the next . There are issues that work and others that do not, but the reality is that if we do not take small steps, the work that lies ahead will be inexhaustible and very complicated to carry out. That is why it is essential to move towards a business plan of the future that we have in our heads.