What is occupational health and how can it help you?

Occupational health organisations help to keep staff members well at work. They are concerned with the physical and mental wellbeing of all staff right from the cleaner through to the CEO of the business. The services that are provided by these organisations can help you keep your employees safe and health at work, identify any individual risk factors for your employees and provide the with mechanisms to help them remain healthy at work and return to work from a period of time off with whatever support that they need.

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The staff members in a company are its biggest asset and without them the company will eventually cease to function effectively. There are a number of statistics that show just how much of an impact absence can have on an organisation with an estimated £100 billion a year being lost to staff members who are off ill which equates to over 150 million days per year. The length of time a person has off will also not only have impact on the business but also on the likelihood of that person returning with figures showing that if someone is off work for a period of six months there is only around a 50 percent chance that they will have a successful return to work.

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Occupational Health Gloucester companies like https://www.insightoccupationalhealth.co.uk/ can help in a variety of ways to reduce staff absences as well as making staff members feel like they are being looked after and options being made available to them should they have issues regarding their health at any point. Here are some of the ways occupational health can help:

  • Providing a telephone line where you can discuss any issues relating to your physical or mental health with referrals available to specialists such as counsellors and mental health therapy specialists.
  • Help prevent risks that may lead to time off work from arising such as providing desk ergonomic assessments are providing staff members with any appropriate equipment or adaptations to their workstations that they may need including standing desks for those with persistent back problems.
  • Offering services to enhance the wellbeing and lifestyle of employees such as stop smoking services and mental health workshops.
  • Helping to train managers into identifying key stress indicators and other areas to be on the look out for as red flags for possible issues arising with their staff members mental and physical health.