The Different Ways You Can Clean Silver Cutlery

Silver cutlery, when well looked after, can be used and enjoyed for well over a generation. We all know that silver cutlery, however, looks its best when it’s been cleaned and polished correctly. Read on for some excellent tips on how to clean your silverware with items you already have around the home or workplace.

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Ketchup, thanks to its vinegary base, can be used to clean up tarnished silver cutler. Simply squirt a little on to a paper towel or a soft cloth and rub away. Heavily tarnished silver can be left with a thin layer of ketchup for 15 minutes and then rubbed. If your cutlery has indentations, then use a toothbrush.

Citrus Soda

Fill a bowl with soda water and add some lemons and limes. Leave your cutlery in the bowl for an hour and then remove and dry with a tea towel. This fast method can clean up silver very well. In fact, lemons and limes can do more than just polish cutlery: they are useful for all sorts of surprising jobs around the home.

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Another item you are most likely to have at home. Use toothpaste in the same way as ketchup, and simply rub a little on to your silver cutlery.

Hand Sanitizing Gel

This too can work a treat – a little hand sanitizer and a soft cloth can go a long way when it comes to polishing the silver.


We’ve mostly looked at what you can do to brighten silverware once it’s tarnished, but what about prevention? Leaving a few bits of chalk in your silverware drawer is a clever trick, as the chalk absorbs moisture and therefore prevents it from tarnishing the silver.


Rather than rubbing, simply leave cutlery in a mix of vinegar and baking soda for a couple of hours and rinse afterwards – one of the easiest ways to bring back a shine.

Washing Larger Items in Your Cafe or Restauran

Not all items can be cleaned in this way. Larger cookware items and crockery need to be cleaned at high temperatures using dishwashers. Those looking for Leicester catering equipment should think about established firms such as

These simple ways to brighten and polish silver cutlery can keep your knives and forks looking good as new.