Professional drain cleaning methods

The term ‘drain cleaning’ unfortunately has developed links to ‘drain cleaners’, the toxic acid chemicals that are so caustic they can cause more harm than good. Sure, you will get rid of all the undesirable debris, but you can actually damage the pipe surfaces and possibly cause yourself an injury.

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Drain cleaning benefits from expertise and methods that are effective at cleaning out drains and pipes as well as but do so safely, leaving zero toxic residue of toxic and protect the interior of the pipe.

Motorized drain snake

Drain snakes operate as long corkscrews: a wire coil is dropped into a drain pipe, boring into clogs and blockages, and then pulling the clog out or breaking them apart. A motorized snake channel can handle almost any obstruction with the proper technician operating it.


This is a motorized piece of equipment that shoots hot water at high pressure through a hose with a compressed nozzle. When the hose is inserted into the sewer, hot water can penetrate the clogs and clean up any contaminants such as grease and oil from the interior of the pipe. For Blocked Drains Bristol, visit a site like AMS Drains, suppliers of Blocked Drains Bristol services.

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Video Inspection Camera

Cleaning the pipes often requires plumbers to know exactly what they are facing, and the only way to find that hidden and buried clog is through uninterrupted access from placing a camera in the pipeline for inspection. This equipment consists of a miniature camera and LED lights mounted on the tip of the fibre optic cable.