Before you buy insurance

When it’s time to take out an insurance policy, it’s a good idea to run through a checklist so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

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Beware of buying insurance that is offered together with something else.

Have you shopped around?

Have you compared like with like?

Does the policy cover everything you need it to?

Did you answer all your insurance questions honestly and accurately?

Do you need expert advice?

There are many different ways to buy insurance:

Bank and building society

Insurance comparison sites and online

Supermarkets and department stores

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An insurance broker or an independent financial advisor. For Insurance Brokers Bath, visit a site like Mark Richard, a leading Insurance Brokers Bath.

Do not assume that insurance purchased through the internet or from a website will automatically compare the lowest prices or offer the best cover.

If you’re looking for car or home insurance, then the comparison sites are a good place to start. But remember that there is no comparison website that covers all insurance companies.

Get a quote from more than one comparison website and compare them along with quotes from insurers that do not appear on comparison sites.

Have you compared like with like?

Watch out for the cost of how different types and levels of cover change when the excess is taken into account when you compare policies.

For example, some insurance companies set their voluntary excess (the amount of claims that are not covered by the insurance company) at a high level to make sure they are the lowest out at comparison sites.