Myths About London You Should Not Believe

There is no doubt that London is by far the most visited and attractive tourist destination in the world, with over 26 million tourists and travellers going there every year. London is home to amazing food, sights, monuments, and of course, places to shop! In fact, most people come to London for shopping. Although London is a tourist attraction, there are still a lot of myths about the city that many believe in and can’t seem to shake off. These myths are completely bogus. Let’s kill a few myths about travelling to London:

London is Ridiculously Expensive for a Normal Working-class Person

Well, although there is a bit of truth in this statement, it is pricey, but so are most of the cities like New York, Berlin and San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit them. There are always cheaper alternatives you can enjoy in London. But in order to know the cheap and free things you can do in London, you will have to do some research before planning a trip there. There are free museums that you can visit. There are also free parks you can go to, or visit London’s premier shopping mall Harrods, though you don’t have to buy anything. Plan well and you will enjoy London.

London’s Weather is Always Cold and Rainy

Yes, the weather can be at times a bit dreary but consider coming to London in the months of June or July. These are the perfect months to enjoy London’s summer, although you might have to wear a light jacket at night-time, but during the day the weather is nothing short of beautiful. With the sun shining over your head, you can have a lovely time shopping and dining.

The British are Unfriendly and Hard to Approach

This is totally false. Although the people in London do seem to be a bit standoffish it is true that many find them to be humorous and friendly. They are definitely courteous in their own ways and not at all unforthcoming. While they won’t run towards you with arms wide open to greet you, the British can you give you excellent guidance whether you’re in a bus or riding the underground metro service.

It is important to remember that during travels, you might not seem so different than other people at all. The British are certainly helpful with things. They will direct you to where you need to go or to help you out in any way they can. It is harsh to imply that the British are aloof. You might find a few of them a bit reticent but not all are the same. The best part about London is getting into conversation with the people there in pubs and clubs and it is guaranteed that you the people in London will make you laugh your socks off.

So, forget about all these myths and plan a trip to London in the summertime. There is little doubt that you will have the time of your life there.